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Jupiter makes a big impression everywhere he goes. And as he spends a generous share of 2022 in your sign, Aries, you, too, might be feeling larger than life. In everything you do this year, your philosophy seems to be: “Go big, or go home!”

First, though, you might benefit from going within. With Jupiter in Pisces until May 10, the first few months of the year are best spent cultivating a rich inner life, which will sustain you through the more expansive and extroverted times ahead (Jupiter in Aries: May 10 to Oct. 27). 

While in Pisces, Jupiter makes three major aspects that set the spiritual tone for your year. His sextile with Uranus in Taurus (Feb. 17) encourages you to adopt an attitude of gratitude and be resourceful and innovative with what you have. This makes you more magnetic for whatever new abundance you’re hoping to attract. A Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (April 12) reminds you that life is but a dream, so you might as well dream big! In order to realize these dreams, though, you’ve got to believe in them—and in yourself. Jupiter’s sextile with Pluto in Capricorn (May 3) connects you with a higher sense of purpose and power.

Once Jupiter arrives in your sign, you’ll be brimming with positive energy and enthusiasm, and eager to share it with the world. Jupiter’s conjunction with your ruling planet, Mars (May 29) gets things off to an auspicious start. 

Just be careful not to overdo it, Aries: While Jupiter bestows good health and happiness, he can also exacerbate your sign’s tendencies toward risky, reckless, or self-indulgent behavior. Keep in mind that Chiron is also in your sign, and his conjunction with Mars (June 15) directs your energy toward healing—not only for your physical body but also your emotional and mental wellbeing as well. 

With Mars in Gemini from Aug. 20 on, you’ll be expending more mental energy in the final months of 2022. There’s a lot of new information to process, and you’ll want to take in as much as you can. Don’t just passively absorb these influences. Think about how you can impact your environment, and give something back by becoming a leading voice in your community. 


“Let go, so love can flow.” Aries, if the stars have just one message for your love life in 2022, it’s this. With the Scorpio South Node playing on some of your deepest, darkest fears, it’s easy to fall into jealous or obsessive behavior that doesn’t serve you or your partner well. The more you can release your need for control this year, the easier you’ll find it to attract the love you want. 

This is especially true in May, with Venus in your sign making you hotter than ever—but also turning up the heat on any conflicts simmering between you and your significant other. Tempers might flare around the fifteenth, as a Venus-Chiron conjunction in your sign and lunar eclipse in Scorpio bring up some touchy subjects. These might have more to do with heartbreaks of the past than with anything in your present situation. Remember, Aries, you don’t have to keep reopening the same old wounds. This year, you can break the cycle and let the healing begin—not only in your romantic relationships but also your relationship with yourself.

Self-love, after all, is very sexy. And from mid-July through early September, as Mercury, the sun, and Venus in Leo trine Jupiter and Chiron in your sign, yours gets a major boost. You might find yourself feeling extra expressive and going for grand romantic gestures to show lovers how you feel. But, with Leo planets making harder aspects to Uranus and Saturn, keep these within reasonable limits. 

Jupiter in your sign makes it easy to come on too strong—or take up more than your fair share of space in relationships. So with Mercury spending extra time in your opposite sign of Libra (Aug. 25 to Sept. 23 and Oct. 10–29), and opposing Jupiter three times, it’s important to balance things out by listening to your partner and taking interest in what they need and want.

Fortunately, Mercury’s trines with Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini keep the communication flowing, so you can negotiate loving and respectful boundaries. By the Scorpio solar eclipse on Oct. 25, you might be relating in a whole new way.


It’s still a work-in-progress, Aries. Indeed, with Venus retrograde in your career house at the start of 2022, you might even be reevaluating whether it’s worth doing at all. Slowly but surely, though, your career is evolving into a labor of love—an expression of your most heartfelt desires and values.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be working hard this year. But with Mars and Venus together in Capricorn from late January to early March, you’ll be mixing business with pleasure. Their conjunctions with Pluto on March 3 empower you to do more of the work you love ... and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Remember, though, Aries, that work can enrich you in different ways. And with the North Node in Taurus (your house of income and resources), this year the real rewards might be the intangible ones. Two eclipses in Taurus (solar: April 30; lunar: Nov. 8) invite you to reflect on your relationship with money, and examine your beliefs about scarcity and abundance. These spiritual insights can inspire some radical shifts in the way you acquire and allocate resources.

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