Virgo Traits, Dates & More

Always eager to help, Virgo is a zodiac sign that never leaves anyone in need. Analytically minded and incredibly organized, this zodiac sign has the heart and skills to find solutions to any problem. There can be nervousness that show up with people who have heavy Virgo energy in their birth charts, as overthinking can become an issue. This sign easily gets lost in the detail. Virgos find grounding and meaning by helping others.

Virgo Traits

virgo zodiac sign

Curious on what defining traits make up Virgo? Here are some key parts of the virginal sign’s personality that you should know.

  • Intelligent
  • Modest
  • Analytical
  • Perfectionist
  • Organized

Intelligent: One thing people should know about Virgos is that they are super smart. Not only can they process a lot of information at once, but they can also learn quickly and remember most of what they learn—even the smallest details. Studious Virgo has a constant hunger for knowledge. They were probably top of their class in school and might have even double majored in college. They love taking classes and doing extensive research—just for fun! Virgos are logical and pragmatic, often gifted with common sense. They know how to put their knowledge to good use and cannot be tricked easily.

Modest: Most Virgos are extremely successful in all aspects of their lives, but you won’t hear it from them. Shy and reserved, Virgos would rather hear about your success than talk about their own. They don’t enjoy talking about themselves and their achievements—as they’re worried they’ll sound like they’re bragging. They find boastfulness distasteful. Thrifty with a minimalistic aesthetic, Virgo likes to keep things down-to-earth with a modest size house and a simple wardrobe. If a Virgo is wealthy, you’d never know it based on their lifestyle. It’s not that they’re cheap, it’s just that they find flashiness tacky. Virgos believe that their hard work will speak for itself—so they don’t have to.  

Analytical: Going hand-in-hand with their sharp mind, Vigo is naturally analytical. They can find solutions to any problem and pay close attention to every single detail. Virgos are clever and can see all possible outcomes of their decision before making it. Nothing gets by them. They live for data, research, and facts. The only downside is that Virgo has a black and white view of the world and can be narrow-minded in scope. Things are either wrong or right and there’s no room for gray—which creates blind spots for them.

Perfectionist: One of the most well-known traits about Virgo has almost become a stereotype: perfectionism. Often when describing Virgo, people will bring up the words “neat freak,” “harsh critic,” or “difficult to please,” but this judgment isn’t fair as Virgos are not so one-sided. Is Virgo a perfectionist? Yes, but that’s because they need to feel in control—not for their vanity, but their sanity. They want their work to be “the best” because they want to feel like they are doing a good job. In a way, Virgos are idealists because they believe that perfection can be achieved and, as the hardworking sign they are, will do whatever it takes to reach it (much to the annoyance of everyone else).

Organized: “A place for everything and everything in its place” is one of Virgo’s many mottos. Want to make a Virgo happy? Let them rearrange your kitchen cabinets, because they’ve been secretly dying to do it for years anyways. In a couple hours, all of your spices will have labels on them and will be color coordinated. Planners, highlighters, and label makers are a few of Virgo’s favorite things. Anxiety can plague them, so Virgo likes things they can control. If everything around them is tiny and in its proper place, that’s one less thing that can go wrong.

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Virgo Dates: August 23 – September 22

Virgos are born during late August and late September, between August 23 and September 22. As the days get shorter, pools close and school resumes, we can’t deny that the end of summer has officially arrived. Sad face. With the drama of Leo season behind us, we can settle into a little quieter routine. The end of summer reminds us that our focus needs to shift. Enter responsibilities and the reality of getting back to work and school after our vacations are over.

Without Virgo season keeping us aligned and organized, we may never cross anything off of our to-do list. As we prepare to enter fall, we welcome a fresh start. Back to school shopping, anyone? There’s a reason this takes place during analytical and methodical Virgo season. During these Virgo dates, we are preparing to embrace a new routine. Getting back on track is what this time period is all about.

As the sixth zodiac sign, Virgo represents day-to-day work and other responsibilities, which is extremely symbolic of what’s happening during this time of year. As we get back to the swing of things that we maybe slacked off a bit on during the summer months. Virgo’s focused, detailed-oriented, and organized energy helps up get back on track. Virgo’s attention to every-single-freaking-detail energy can help you get your life back on track. It’s time to get organized—just in time to get more serious this fall. Organize your closet. Tidy up your workplace. Help clean up your city. And get ready for the next phase of the year.

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