Aries Love

In the beginning… Generally, Aries’ commitment style can best be summed up by “doesn’t.” This sign is known as the toddler of the zodiac, who must put everything that catches their eye in their mouth. This makes for very good lovemaking, but not so great with catching feelings.

When things are going well… Once true love happens though, an Aries can be very giving. They have a tendency to want all the solo time they can get with bae. They want to be the object of their love’s every thought and hope to be in their pocket at all times.

When things are on the rocks… This sign has an open mind and a taste for adventure, so they understanding that falling in and out of interest with someone is just the nature of life. If they’ve reached that point of climax, and had that sweet taste of conquest, they’re already looking to whatever else is shiny and new in their orbit. So, this sign struggles to stay interested once the challenge is gone.

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