Aries Body Parts

Known as the infants of the zodiac, the areas ruled by Aries are the head, eyes, ears, mouth, and entire face. Think of a baby and the soft spot they have on their heads. This is why Aries may often bump their head, suffer from migraines, or why colds may first show their symptoms in the head. Aries will also likely suffer from sinus issues and have a sensitivity to sinuses around certain times of the year.

Aries is likely to have eyesight issues and may need corrective lenses in order to see perfectly. They may also deal with acne issues as well.

Because this sign tends to jump all over the place and has such rich excitability, they’re also known for cutting themselves, stubbing their toes, knocking their knees, and suffering from wounds that come from nothing more than clumsiness. Slowing down from time to time and easing that impatience could help this.

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