Aries Psychic Traits

As far as psychic and intuitive gifts go, I’m afraid this sign gets the short end of the stick. It’s not that they can’t strengthen that intuitive muscle (since we’re all intuitive). It’s just that Aries has to understand patience in order to learn a skill.

This sign tends to think more than they feel. If there was a gift I’d recommend beginning with, it’s claircognizance—which is clear knowing. This is a gift wherein something pops into your head and you instantly know something. Whether it’s knowing who just texted you, or a friend who needs you, or what club to head to for the night, you’d just know the answer.

This is the best chance an Aries will have at bypassing the ego, because they’ll naturally feel confident about what they know over what someone else says. The trick for Aries will be to stop getting caught up in mistaking ego for claircognizance. This is where some training and study comes in handy. Many times, this sign may stubbornly cling to their choice, thinking that it’s their intuition guiding them—when really, it’s not.

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