When Is Aries Season?

Aries is a Cardinal sign that welcome in a new season, the beginning of Spring. The first day of Aries season is March 21, which marks the hopeful Spring Equinox.

As we say goodbye to emotional water sign Pisces, our impulses, urges and animalistic drives begin to take over during Aries season. We become less thoughtful and more spontaneous, and we want to cross that finish line no matter who we have to trample to get there.

Now that you have a fresh start, make this month about you and what you can accomplish. Use that excess Aries energy to accomplish a goal, take the initiative on something new or to cross a personal or professional finish line.

Some things that might interest you during Aries season are competitive sports or pursuing someone romantically. Aries encourages you to indulge in any kind of adventure that will get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping.

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