Aries Finance & Money

When it comes to money, this sign can really struggle. Aries tends to take big risks—leaping before they think, which makes for situations that can either help or hurt them. For example, this is the sign that will invest in risk hedge funds without thoroughly checking them out. They would put all they’ve got in the market on a single stock based on a tip from a friend who has no idea what they’re talking about.

Aries is known for going from feasting to famished thanks to their rocky bank account. Just as quickly as they make their money, they’ll spend it. And because social status and appearance are very important to them, they’ll spend on the finest clothing, clubs, restaurants, and of course, toys (hello, Ferrari). Regardless of whether their near to maxing out their credit card, they’ll still pull that sucker out and cover dinner for the crew.

If there’s anyone who personifies the axiom, “You can teach an old dog new tricks,” it’s this sign. Aries will follow the same pattern for most of their life until they finally reach a point where they realize something’s got to give.

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