Aries Love Language

As far as love languages go, Aries sort of needs them all. They’ll want your time, your affection, and everything in between. However, if Aries gives you a gift, they’ll expect you to appreciate it. (At least it’ll be top of the line, whatever it is.) If not, you may get one of their famous temper tantrums.

Aries is not an easy person to build a relationship with because they tend to require quite a bit from the person they’re with. Quality time is huge. This sign wants to have everyone watch them and bae fawn over one another, share each other’s meals, and hold hands walking down the street. Of course, making mouths drop when Aries starts dishing out the details of their thrilling, off-the-walls sex life.

Acts of service is another major love language. In many ways, an Aries’ commitment style is similar to a baby’s commitment to a parent. Aries isn’t exactly the tidiest of signs; this sign will leave a trail of clothing, plates, and other things around the house. And an Aries fully expects their partner to take care of those things without complaint.

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