Scorpio Traits, Dates & More

Mysterious and intense, Scorpio is a zodiac sign that won’t settle for the superficial. Scorpios are the researchers of the world—ever so deep and asking the tough questions. This is a sign that doesn’t have trouble digging deep and is eager to know every single thing about you. An excellent secret keeper, Scorpios can absolutely be trusted, but don’t expect them to share all their secrets with you, too. This is a very private sign, but one of the most loyal friends or partners to find.

Scorpio Traits

scorpio zodiac sign

You’ve probably heard the notorious rumors and juicy gossip about mysterious Scorpio, but is it all true? Here are the major traits that make a Scorpio unique.

  • Mysterious
  • Intense
  • Penetrating
  • Strong
  • Bold

Mysterious: This is perhaps one of the traits most associated with Scorpio, and for good reason. Private to a fault, Scorpions don’t let anyone into their world who they don’t deem worthy. And getting on the good side of Scorpios isn’t something that can be rushed or forced—they either feel you or they don’t. So, what’s the secret to penetrating Scorpio’s mysterious veil? There isn’t one! Scorpio is nothing if not in control and they’ll let you know what they want you to know—or they won’t tell you at all!

: Scorpio is the most intense zodiac sign. They don’t take things lightly, and for the people who want to be in their super tight inner circle know what’s best for them, they won’t take them lightly either. Which isn’t to say Scorpios don’t know how to dish out jokes and take them as well, but their sense of humor lies on the subtle, sarcastic side. Scorpios aren’t typically “LOL” people, as much as they are subtle chucklers. To get a full-blown laugh from a Scorpio, a joke usually has to be extremely clever.

As elusive as Scorpios like to be, they want to know everything about you! Hypocritical much?! They ask endless questions and might pout when you don’t tell them what they want to know. When having a conversation with you, Scorpio looks you directly in the eyes and you’d swear they were peering deep into your soul! Scorpio almost always finds out what they want to know, and isn’t above resorting to shady or manipulative tactics to get it.

Strong: Scorpios have remarkable inner strength, and they will rarely let it show when they’re struggling. To the outside world things seem to come easily to Scorpio, but even if this isn’t the case, they’ll never let on. A Scorpio will do everything in their power not to let people see them at their weakest. You’ll rarely see them crying or hear them admit they need help. Scorpios also usually possess a physical strength that seems beyond what they should be capable of. Their power comes from deep within and they can will their body to perform feats of strength that others wouldn’t expect.

Because Scorpios are introverted and reserved, they aren’t always associated with this adjective. When push comes to shove, Scorpios will do what needs to be done, including showing their powerful side. They’re driven by and backed by an enormous amount of confidence, so they rarely meet a task they don’t think they can accomplish. When they’re making their bold moves, they won’t see them as such, they’ll just see themselves doing what they need to do to get the success they crave. They definitely don’t want to be seen as heroes, though. They just want to accomplish amazing things and go about their business like nothing happened.

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Scorpio Dates: October 23 – November 21

Scorpio season, from October 23 to November 22, embraces all the darker tones of this zodiac sign. What better month to embrace Scorpio’s depths and secretive side than the season that brings us election time, Halloween, and Day of the Dead!

Who does undercover and mysterious better than politicians? They typify the very shadow that Scorpio loves to sink their teeth into. There are plenty of skeletons in the closets of politicians for Scorpio to dig through, and you better expect they will be deeply thrilled and introspective about anything they discover.

And then, of course, we have Halloween! This is a time when it’s totally permissible to wear a mask and dress up as someone else for a night or two. No one likes the mystery of a guessing game more than Scorpio. Halloween is also a time when we get to engage in our inner fantasies and pretend that we are someone else. It’s a time when we try to get even closer to our shadow than we normally do—oftentimes by playing the role of the sexy nurse or a scary zombie. But at the end of the night when the makeup comes off—and this is much of what Scorpio season is all about—we’re still us. We still have to sit with who we are.

And lastly, we have the Day of the Dead. It really doesn’t get more Scorpionic than this, now does it? A day of celebrating those who have crossed over is the very thing that Scorpio was made for.

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