Aries Worst Careers

For an Aries, the worst job imaginable would be one where they sit in the background, stay quiet, and keep their thoughts hidden. These are the not-so-great options for Aries:

Postal Worker: Whether this sign is in the back organizing mail or out on the road delivering it, this job is definitely not for an Aries. The tedium inherent within this job leaves much to be desired for this sign’s outgoing personality and loving nature.

Factory Worker: The same goes for being a factory line worker. Standing in the same spot, day after day, doing the same things over and over, would make an Aries want to jump off a bridge. This sign likes having their hands in multiple pots. So, the notion that everyone in the factory has their role to play and stays in their lane would drive this sign nuts.

Therapist: Though some would disagree, Aries would not make great therapists. Yes, they’re good at coming up with solutions and their friends always turn to them for advice. But an entire 50 minutes of listening to someone else go on and on about how they feel and what they’re going through? Nope.

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