Aries Worst Matches

Part of Aries’ greatest qualities also result in their greatest downfalls with these particular signs:

Virgo: Aries’ need to take charge and lead would only trigger Virgo’s need to dissect every tiny detail—and Aries would not be here for it. It would be all of five seconds before Virgo would walk away crying. Sexually, these two signs would clash as well. While Aries is willing to get it on in the bar bathroom, Virgo needs time and patience before they can even think aboutgetting it on.

Aquarius: While an Aries enjoys being extremely close to their loves, Aquarius’ tendency to put love and their partners on the back-burner would drive an Aries mad.

Capricorn: If an Aries is really feeling masochistic, they’d fall for a Capricorn. Both these signs are natural leaders and have more determination and drive than either knows what to do with. The issue is that Capricorn likes to think things through. And while they’re capable of taking great risks like Aries, they prefer to do so in a calculated, intentional manner.

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