Aries Sex

If there’s one space where Aries never fears failure, it’s in the bedroom. This sign has a sexual appetite that can never be satisfied. They tend to go after a potential bedmate like a lion would a cute deer in the field. They don’t have time for cuddling or romance and tend to just get right to the point.

This sign has a tendency to pack quite a bit into a small amount of time—making it more about quality than quantity. Some will roll with this quite nicely, while others will want a replay. This is why an Aries tends to roam from person to person until they find that special someone who has all of the many requirements needed to capture their heart.

For them, sex is not about intimacy or connecting. It’s about the act itself—the destination or end result. So long as that destination ends in… ahem, everyone getting theirs… then they’re pleased as pie.

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