Aquarius Traits, Dates & More

A true thought leader, Aquarius is a zodiac sign that refuses to stick to the norm. As one of the most friendly signs, Aquarius are open-minded and easily allow others to feel comfortable within a group. These are the humanitarians of the zodiac, standing up for others and their own personal beliefs. They’re ready to lead a rally and break free from limiting beliefs. Individual and idealistic, Aquarius is eager to bring change for the great good of the collective.

Aquarius Traits

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Wondering what makes an Aquarius distinctive? Here are the Water Bearer’s top traits that make them stand out in the crowd.

  • Humanitarian
  • Visionary
  • Unique
  • Divinely knowledgeable

Humanitarian: This air sign is represented by the Water Bearer, mythologically responsible for bringing life-giving water to the world. Fittingly, Aquarius is thought of as the humanitarian of the zodiac, focused on the society at large. Their tireless commitment to social justice is an inspiration to everyone, and it’s not unusual to see Aquarius represented where major causes are concerned—whether it be in politics or protesting. All the world’s a stage for Leo, but all the world is a protest for Aquarius. Let the revolution begin!

The phrase “The Age of Aquarius” became common in the 1960s, as society began to experience a great awakening of consciousness. As the New Age movement grew in popularity, the “psychedelic sixties” became a time where we started to consider ways to expand our relationships with our communities, society, and the world at large. We became more experimental and curious regarding redefining norms about relationships, sex, drugs, and creativity. Ultimately, the “Age of Aquarius” is indicative of the powerful, progressive nature of this sign.

Visionary: Aquarians are the doers, thinkers, inventors, and dreamers of the zodiac. Because of this, they are often associated with science, technology, philanthropy, and the arts. Aquarius energy is important to help us evolve past our limits. It pushes us to rebel against the structures in our lives that are no longer serving us and to push past what’s keeping us stuck. Ruled by Uranus, it is the sign most associated with revolution. Wherever you see Aquarius in your chart, or wherever it comes up during a transit, is where you know you need to shake things up. Aquarians hold tight to their ideals, but they are agile and always ready to find a new challenge.

Unique: While they are strongly associated with powerful change and vision on a grand scale, don’t forget that Aquarians are sometimes thought of as the aliens of the zodiac. (It also helps that they love technology, space, and are certainly not immune to the occasional UFO sighting). Creative, whimsical, and often downright odd, these free thinkers challenge us all to think outside the box and find magic in the unexpected and avant garde. Their confidence in who they are, even in its most peculiar forms, helps everyone else to find their own sweet, strange voices.

Divinely knowledgeable: Aquarius is the second to last sign of the zodiac. As we move through the zodiac’s wheel, gathering cosmic knowledge and experience (starting with “the baby,” Aries), once we get to Aquarius, we reach a place where we’re ready to pass our strength and bounty to the rest of the world and share in a better future. Aquarius then is representative of the power to stand in our convictions and individuality while we join forces for a brighter tomorrow.

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Aquarius Dates: January 20 – February 18

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Well into the start of the New Year, Aquarius season gives us a chance to examine our intentions and how far we’ve made our way through them. While others may have given up entirely, Aquarius has the discipline of an ox and chances are they are still holding true to their promises. Those that may have fallen by the wayside are seen as a chance to reevaluate whether those intentions were in alignment with who they are and their purpose in the space. Most of all, this is a time when you will try to choose things which are going to prove more beneficial and practical so that they seem more achievable.

Aquarians are all about simplicity, so expect that during this phase, you’ll take stock of all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Do you really need to hold onto that college beer mug circa 2014? Or that ugly Christmas sweater that your well-intentioned grandmother got you last year? Chances are, you’ll be rolling up to Goodwill with a car full of stuff you no longer need, want, or wish to have taking up space.

Another holiday that falls during this season is, of course, Valentine’s Day. Aquarius may have one small romantic bone in their bodies so many of us may feel a bit emotionally detached from this Hallmark holiday—and not fully gushy. Should we find that small romantic bone, chances are good that our Valentine’s will be a big to-do since Aquarius is secretly quite competitive. They don’t do anything halfway!

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