Pisces Traits, Dates & More

Some might call the zodiac sign of Pisces an emotional sponge. There are no limits to this zodiac sign’s empathy. Pisces is a sign that feels its way through life, rather than formulating a plan and operating accordingly. There is versatility with this zodiac placement, and they’re eager to go with the flow. Due to their capacity to feel deeply, they oftentimes possess a psychic sense and have the ability to pick up on how others feel. Incredibly creative, many artists are born with Pisces energy in their birth chart.

Pisces Traits

pisces zodiac sign

Pisces are gentle, loving people drawn to the good in life and in others. They prefer to see the glass as half full instead of half-empty, and are major contributors to the creativity and beauty in the world.

  • Dreamy
  • Sensitive
  • Peace-Loving
  • Introverted
  • Imaginative

Dreamy: Pisces are dreamers. They can face reality when necessary, but most of the time they prefer to live in a rose-colored dreamworld, where everything is beautiful and there are no problems or confrontations to deal with. The fish likes to swim in the deep end of their own little watery world, where everything is calm and beautiful. There are no wars, chaos, or mayhem. They use their daydreams as an escape from the stress of everyday life, and they like to keep to themselves while they fantasize about the idealized world they want to live in someday.

Sensitive: Pisces have a sensitive soul and are in tune with (often painfully so) how others perceive them. They are loving and spiritual at their core, which allows them to feel things much deeper than the average person. This can be both a good and a bad trait, and can cause them great joy and powerful pain in their lifetime. Pisces are sensitive to criticism from others, other people’s feelings, and are easily touched by human suffering. Because of their sensitive natures, Pisces have a hard time saying no to people, especially when they feel they are the only ones who are being sympathetic to the cause.

Peace-Loving: Pisces like peace in all areas of their lives—the people they surround themselves with and the situations they put themselves in—and will avoid confrontation at all costs to get it. Because of their water sign vibes (and because they’re symbolized by the Two Fish), Pisces is often most peaceful when surrounded by water. The beach is one of their happy places, and they find the sound of the waves hitting the shore or the water lapping on the beach soothing, comforting and oh so very peaceful.

Introverted: Pisces have friends, but prefer to spend most of their time alone. This zodiac sign is contemplative and creative and perfectly at ease spending time alone with their own thoughts. At first glance, people might think Pisces is standoffish, but they’re actually quite shy. As introverts, they are selective not only about what they share, but about who they share it with. Spending a quiet evening alone with a book is a preferred activity over going out to a loud spot with a big group of friends.

Imaginative: Pisces have one of the most imaginative, creative minds of all the zodiac signs. When they’re alone with their thoughts and dreams, their mind wanders to some pretty incredible places. They aren’t limited to what other people see; their intuition combined with their creativity can conjure up some very interesting and totally unique thoughts. Pisces gets a lot of their ideas through their dreams, which are some of the most vivid of all the signs. Their dreamworld can be extremely revealing and enlightening once they learn how to interpret the imaginative movies that play for them in their head nightly.

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Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20

Pisces season is jam-packed with national holidays that fit the Two Fishes’ personality effortlessly. First, we begin the season just a few days after Valentine’s Day—hopeless romantic much? Then, on March 3, we have National “I Want You to Be Happy” Day, which will have every single people-pleasing Pisces dancing with glee. Ironically enough, March 9 is National Panic Day, which is a state of being most Pisces are familiar with. Finally, March 15 brings us National Everything You Think Is Wrong Day—which is an analytical nightmare for Pisces: a sign that thrives on pleasing others.

Of course, all of this brings us to the most Piscean holiday of all: St. Patrick’s Day. Forget the history behind the holiday, Pisces just wants any excuse at all to drink until they fall down. There’s no other holiday that gives Pisces that free pass more than St. Paddy’s Day. This is when we see the Piscean creature in their nature habitat: throwing them back like a pirate who’s just come ashore after months at sea.

Another special occasion during Pisces season that will definitely appease our non-drinking Pisces (and they do exist): the Spring Equinox. Depending on when it falls, it can happen during the last hours of Pisces Season. But most often, it occurs during Aries season. This is when the days grow longer and the nights shorter, where we really tap into Pisces’s naturally hopeful and excited vibe. Bring on spring!

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