Taurus Traits, Dates & More

Stunning, patient, and the best cooks, it’s hard to miss people born under the Taurus zodiac sign. Guided naturally by our five senses, Taurus are a see-it-to-believe-it kind of sign. This is one of the more practical signs, known for their stubborn beliefs. This stubbornness actually blends well with perseverance—it’s no surprise that Taurus people are some of the most hardworking and dedicated of the zodiac.

Taurus Traits

taurus zodiac sign

Curious about makes a Taurus a Taurus? Here’s are the top traits that uniquely define the Bull.

  • Determined
  • Excellent Taste
  • Self-Care Advocate
  • Honest
  • Stable

Determined: One of the defining traits of Taurus is that when they decide that they want something, they will do whatever it takes to achieve it. Nothing will stop them, and nothing will distract them. Whether it’s a promotion, a lover, or even a new possession, once they set their eyes on something—they will have it. They have a seemingly bottomless amount of endurance, patience, and resilience. They play the long game, unafraid to roll up their sleeves and put in the work. Whether it’s 20 days or 20 years, they’ll build the path to their desired outcome. With Taurus, it’s not a question of if but when.

Excellent Taste: Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus has a refined sense of style and excellent taste in just about everything: food, art, clothes, design, and people. Take a Taurus out to dinner as they know the best restaurants. Let a Taurus order for you—you’ll be highly satisfied. Redecorating your home? Ask a Taurus for suggestions—they have strong opinions. While not persuaded by trends, they have a classic style that appears timeless. They also have excellent taste in friends and romantic partners—they won’t waste their time on someone they don’t see as valuable.

Self-Care Advocate: Taurus is all about that work-life balance. They work hard, but they’ll pamper themselves afterward to prevent burnout. Taurus is the type of comes home after a long day, has a glass of wine, eats some fancy chocolates, takes a long soak in the bath, and has an elaborate skincare routine. They often take spa days, meditate, and would even take a mini-weekend retreat “just to get away from it all.” Self-care was invented by a Taurus, and if it wasn’t, they thank their lucky stars that it exists. While a Taurus loves saving money and watches their bank account like a hawk, they aren’t opposed to the occasional expensive dinner, full-body massage, or a new outfit. As a little treat, of course. A Taurus’ favorite motto: Treat yourself!

Honest: Despite being the Bull, a Taurus will never bullsh*t you—about anything. They have a very tell-it-like-it-is vibe, so when you ask for their option, prepare to hear just exactly how they feel without mincing words. Their blunt nature may rub the more sensitive signs the wrong way, but they aren’t coming from a mean place. They’re just being honest! Taurus hate being lied to more than anything so they won’t lie to others. And it’s just less stressful for a Taurus to tell the truth than to think of a lie to remember. Dishonesty makes them uneasy. So, take a Taurus at their word and forgive their delivery.

Stable: Above all else, Taurus places the highest value on stability: finically, physically, and emotionally. They are solid people, who usually keep their emotions under wraps and keep a close eye on their wallet. You rarely catch a Taurus gambling or quitting their job to travel the world. Too risky. They prefer the 9-5 job, a nice house and family to come home to, and a solid routine. They prefer to plant deep roots in one place so they can bloom to their full potential. You can trust a Taurus because they never change.

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Taurus Dates: April 20 – May 20

Taurus are born during late April and late May, between April 20 and May 20. These dates fall as spring has already begun but summer hasn’t, so Taurus can’t really claim to kicking off any particular season. But does that slow Taurus down from enjoying life? Not at all! Taurus natives enjoy the best of both seasons—the late blooms of spring and the early bounty and precursor of summer—and they tend to surround their lives with so much beauty that they don’t ever really feel like they’re missing out on much.

As the second zodiac sign, Taurus is ruled by the love and money goddess Venus and represents values—values that we place on ourselves and our possessions, others, and the world around us. Beauty really can be found all around during Taurus season, and a lot of delicious fruits and vegetables are being harvested, which most bulls love to add to their diets. People are starting to get outside and enjoy the weather again in most parts of the world as well, and as an earth sign, Taurus loves to connect with the ground and dirt, making this the perfect time to start or tend a garden.

You should also use this time of year to take stock of what you truly value, and make sure your priorities are in order. Let Taurus’ practical nature guide you toward what really matters in your life and then dedicate the remaining months of the year to going after it.

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