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We're taking the basics and running with it. Our aim is to make astrology simple, factual, and informative—with enough horoscopes and zodiac sign information to last a lifetime.

Dive in deep with our catalog of comprehensive zodiac information

We believe that horoscopes start with zodiac signs—and you’ll get the most information out of first understanding your personal sign. Dive in deep with our catalog of comprehensive zodiac information. From love compatibility to body parts to best and worst careers, we’ll answer all your burning questions and then some.

Our site offers robust and fresh horoscopes on a daily basis

With more than 15 various types of horoscope offerings, our daily content is relevant and wide-ranging. We offer daily love horoscopes for both singles and couples, horoscopes for work and finance, and even horoscopes that follow your pet’s astrology. The celebrity profiles on are produced in part with the help of large AI language models and proprietary birth chart software.

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You can find all this and more on our mobile app, Sun Signs: Horoscopes. With daily horoscopes and a built-in compatibility feature, you’ll never miss what’s happening in the sky (or in your relationship). Reveal your personal birth chart, access premium birth chart reports, and see how astrologically compatible you are with friends in love, friendship, and personality.

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