Aries Moon

Temperamental much? People with Aries moons are fiery to say the least—and one thing’s for certain: They’re not waiting around for anything or anyone! This lunar placement can cause an individual to struggle with impulsivity and the concept of patience. Living in the moment is how Aries moon placements operate instinctually. Living in the moment is how Aries moon placements operate instinctually.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, god of war, a planet that represents our fight and ambition in our individual birth charts. When this energy is expressed through a lunar placement, there can be a deep need for competition and a tendency for defensiveness when this person is challenged. These people thrive in challenging situations and see confrontation. If our moon represents what’s comfortable for us, an Aries moon yearns for the battlefield for comfort.

This lunar placement could indicate a troubled or challenging early childhood or home life: perhaps an early childhood where the Aries moon had to fight for attention, security, or nurturing.

The beauty of the Aries moon is that they are usually very straightforward with their emotions (because they aren’t really able to hide them).

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