Aries Rising

It’s impossible to miss an Aries rising when they enter a room—this is a rising sign that oozes confidence! There’s no point in questioning what their motives are. Aries rising natives are quick, direct, and forthright—almost to a fault. We will see a similarity when it comes to Aries characteristics with the Aries rising: This person is competitive, passionate, courageous, and might have a quick temper.

Being an Aries rising doesn’t necessarily mean that this sign is prone to angry outbursts and fighting, but it might be harder for them to hide their feelings when triggered. These are passionate folk who feel with their entire being.

In astrology, Aries rules the head, so with Aries rising, we might see that early on in their life, these people may have had an injury to the face, or struggled with something like acne. This placement is incredibly independent and not afraid to trailblaze their own path.

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