How Will an Aries Dump You?

When it comes to ending a relationship, Aries has a few tricks up their sleeve. First, if they feel their ex never really cared to begin with, then there’s no question where an Aries stands.

But the same holds true when they’re done with someone. This sign does not play games or leave questions about intentions. They will make it known whether you’re in the clear or not. Typically, this sign isn’t into anything but a good time and don’t really care about how they leave others feeling—which is a shame because it makes them look far more cold-hearted than they really are.

The other way an Aries may break it to their partner is a bit more subdued, but still not the kindest approach. They may suggest that you keep things in the friend zone while enjoying the occasional romp in the hay. This approach, coupled with flirting, would make any partner confused about how this is even considered a breakup.

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