Aries Yearly Horoscope

Aries Horoscope Aries Horoscope

Mars, your powerful ruler, begins the year in adventurous, knowledge-seeking Sagittarius, so right away you’re interested in seeing new sights and learning about new cultures. This sets the tone for a year filled with exciting activities that could take you beyond the limits of your comfort level and to the stars.

The emotional, motherly moon plays a large role in how you get along with your family, and the full moon and lunar eclipse in Cancer early in January put familial relationships front and center. This is the time to finally try to gain a sense of security in this area, especially if you’ve been having issues with your mom (recently or for your entire life).

When the sun shines brightly in your competitive sign between late March and April, it seems as though everything between you and your friends turns into a competition. You’re motivated to put your best foot forward, but does that have to be at the expense of the people closest to you? You can be a wonderfully loyal and reliable friend if you put your own success second.

Aries and your ruler Mars both govern the head and brain areas of your body, so when Mars is involved in tense transits, headaches or migraines or general brain fogginess can be an issue. An Aries new moon at the end of March makes you want to give in to impulse, and this can be an exciting, high-energy time. Your body will want to move forward at maximum speed, but your brain will need some time to catch up.

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