How to Seduce a Sagittarius

So, you want to attract a Sagittarian, eh? Well, buckle up and get your cross-trainers ready. Sagittarians need adventure so if you’re going to go after one, you better be ready to go on one yourself.

First and foremost, they crave freedom so dearly that they view relationships as something that cramps their style. All in all, they’re not exactly the most willing to commit.

The way you will seduce this sign is first through asking them out. They like boldness. But you’re not asking them out on just any ol’ date. You will need to plan something big, something fun, and something way outside the box. After your little adventure, you’ll want to grab a beer (they’re very simple in their tastes) and a burger and then wow them with your stories.

So long as you’re being honest, things should go great. Then, it’s time to get it on. Sag connects bodily. Expect that you’ll be in this gray area for a little bit—but play your cards right, and it could just become a real relationship.

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