Sagittarius Worst Matches

Though everyone loves to be friends with Sagittarius, not everyone can take being romantically involved with Sagittarius.

Pisces: Pisces is far too emotionally needy to handle Sag’s desire for alone time. Pisces will grow from sad to bitter and will try to use other people to make Sagittarius jealous.

Virgo: Virgo is equally an awful match for Sagittarius. This sign needs security and routine—something Sag surely won’t provide. Sagittarius will want Virgo to join them on their wild adventures and homey, predictable Virgo would rather hold their breath until they’re blue in the face than fly from one place to the other.

Taurus: These two will trigger one another constantly. Not only does Taurus want someone who is just as a homebody as they are, but Sagittarius would fail to notice things that Taurus needs.

Capricorn: Finally, we have Capricorn. As the “grown up” of the zodiac, Cap would become rather bored with what they perceive as Sag’s childlike ways.

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