Sagittarius Personality

Sagittarius is the sign that the rest of the zodiac wants to be around. Like the prom queen or the high school quarterback, Sagittarius never lacks attention and everyone wants to be their friend. This is mostly because everyone just feels cooler being around Sag. Like a moth to a flame, people gravitate towards them because their energy is simply irresistible. There’s something about them that makes you curious and you know that they’re someone you want as a friend.

But let’s be real: Everyone is Sagittarius’ friend. Sag knows everyone and they’re friendly to everyone. They’ll pass their mail person as they’re leaving the house and will stop for a chat. But this isn’t your typical, “Hi, how are you?” conversation. This is Sagittarius asking if their back is still giving them trouble and if they’ve tried out that inversion table they recommend last week.

Everyone wants to be Sagittarius’ friend because this sign makes you feel so special. They ask those deep, probing questions because they don’t just want to know you, they need to know you. It’s just the Sagittarius way!

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