Sagittarius Best Careers & Career Advice

Sagittarians excel in jobs that allow them freedom of expression, room to roam, and the chance to guide others with their vast experience and travel knowledge.

Archeologist: What self-respecting Sagittarius wouldn’t want to be paid to be a real-life, Indiana Jones? This is a career that would give Sagittarius a great deal of freedom—answering to very few on a not so frequent basis.

Philosophy Teacher: With all that traveling and learning about ancient tribes and civilizations, what does one do with this vast amount of experience and wisdom? In some cases, Sagittarius may want to become a teacher. In particular, philosophy and theology would be wonderful topics for Sagittarius to guide others within. (But in truth, any topic related to ancient civilizations would be perfect.)

Architect: When it comes to being an architect, one needs creativity in spades, a willingness to travel, and the type of visionary skills to see something before it actually becomes a reality. They also need to know the difference of genres over centuries (from American gothic and mid-century) which, again, gives Sagittarius the opportunity to learn and explore.

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