Sagittarius Moon

As a forever student of the world, Sagittarius moon placements enjoy absorbing knowledge, seek adventure, and crave constant stimulation in life. They believe there’s a deeper purpose for everything, and because of that, are rarely satisfied with routine. Variety is required in the lives of Sagittarius moon placements—staying in one place too long won’t feed their soul. Sagittarius moon people thrive off of space and freedom. Their need for activity runs deep, and there is a sense of restlessness built into their system.

Forming connections feels fulfilling to Sagittarius moon placements. These natives love to travel, meet people different than them, learn from these people and places, and pass on that knowledge to their loved ones. The traditional archetype of Sagittarius is the teacher, and with lunar placements, we find that knowledge, or people in their lives who can teach them something, is value of the utmost importance.

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