Sagittarius Love Language

When it comes to love languages, it can be hard to pin down what a Sagittarius needs from moment to moment. As a mutable sign, they crave change. But with that, their needs or expectations change with each passing moment as well.

Quality time, believe it or not, is actually pretty high up on the list of things that Sagittarius needs from a partner. Though they enjoy their solo adventures, the truth is someone who is just as willing, interested, and passionate about seeing the world is their idea of a dream come true.

Physical touch is also a really important aspect of a relationship for Sagittarius. It’s especially true for those just jumping into the dating pool or for those in long-term partnerships. This sign is filled with passion and their ruler planet, Jupiter, makes them like to go big.

Lastly, we have words of affirmation. Sagittarius is more interested in having words of affirmation as empowerment to keep doing what they’re doing.

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