Sagittarius Numerology

Sagittarius is ruled by the numbers nine and three.

The number nine makes Sagittarius concerned with humanity and higher truths. When worked with effectively, the number nine helps Sagittarius say “no” to things that do not serve their highest good. It also helps them find a sense of balance with learning that to find true leadership and to usher others into their own truth we must first find it for ourselves, within ourselves.

The number three gives Sagittarius grand vision with lots of potential but very little direction. While Sagittarius’ aim of finding deeper meaning is an admirable one, it’s also one that can cause them to aimlessly roam and have difficulty putting down roots.The good news is that the number three is a beautiful manifestation number. When worked with effectively it can help Sagittarius manifest whatever they desire.

These two numbers give Sagittarius the tools to understand life, but also the means to guide others in finding the same for themselves.

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