Sagittarius Sex

Sex with Sagittarius is a bit of a Tabata-like event: hot spurts of intense cardio coupled with short, brief moments of catching your breath and adoring each other’s bodies. It’s sensual, it’s pleasurable, but dang if you don’t need some energy to see it through.

And see it through you must—if you expect Sagittarius to want a second round. They’re not down for passive partners. In fact, they want someone who is just as rowdy between the sheets or in the back of the bar or outside next to the car as they are.

Thankfully, since everything with Sagittarius is an event (thanks to Jupiter), that means you will definitely break a sweat before you break out an orgasm. Speaking of orgasm: Expect that you’re likely to have more than one. Sagittarius likes to keep those pleasures nice and full.

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