Sagittarius Career Weaknesses

Just like some of their fellow fire signs, many of the traits that make Sagittarius a favorite can equally make them the ones you love to hate.

Unreliable (sometimes): Sagittarians are reliable at work. But for them, work is a means to an end—so, they can still show some of their less than reliable traits in the workplace.

Not a Team Player: On a less dramatic level, Sagittarius is not always good at working with a team. Should they have a task they need to complete, suddenly a chance to travel comes up… and they will choose the travel.

Poor Planner: Planning ahead is a major issue for Sagittarians. They fly by the seat of their pants and consequently, this can cause some trouble in the workplace.

Inconsiderate of Others’ Time: Whether it’s small favors for tasks that Sag just finds way too banal for them to handle or asking a coworker to cover for them, Sag really puts those around them through their paces.

Impatient: Sagittarius is notoriously impatient, especially if you are holding them up in some way.

Brutally Honest: Since Sagittarius is so candid, they can sometimes rub those in charge.

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