Gemini Worst Careers

Some jobs where a Gemini is unlikely to find satisfaction include:

Healthcare: Geminis should avoid a career in the healthcare field, where taking your eyes off the ball can have disastrous results. This sign is great at communicating and connecting, but that skill can prove to be a distraction once they need to focus on diagnostics.

Accounting: Geminis prefer to deal with words over numbers, and they need outlets in which to display their verbal prowess. Focusing on numbers and balancing books would be draining and frustrating for this chatty and dynamic air sign, who needs to have a sense of creativity and flexibility in their work.

Computer Programming: Like accounting, computer programming is a career that involves dedication to small details. Gemini’s flair for language really lies in their ability to weave words and express themselves in unexpected ways, so following the language rules of computing would ultimately prove frustrating.

Engineering: Most careers in the STEM fields are going to be a difficult fit for Geminis, who are much more likely to thrive in the humanities.

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