Gemini Rising

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini rising people’s minds are restless and always seeking information. That one friend that keeps winning at trivia every single time? Gemini rising. This rising sign is like a mini thesaurus, Wikipedia, and Almanac all wrapped into one. Curiosity can almost be a fault here, as they’re more interested in finding out an answer than wondering if anyone might take offense to their initial question. But being charming as ever, as quick as Gemini rising might offend, they’ve already lured you into another topic.

This is an incredibly social placement, and as such, describes a person who needs variety in their life. Having multiple friend groups to bounce between in a necessity for Gemini rising people.

They have multiple sides to them. Thus, it’s easy for them to understand the duality in an issue. There’s a reason that their zodiac sign symbol is the Twins. This isn’t to say they lack loyalty, but rather, they prefer to have the flexibility to change their mind as they see fit.

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