Gemini Planet

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Mythologically, Mercury was the messenger of the gods, spreading information across the world. Thus, the planet Mercury governs all the ways through which we communicate, from conversations to the written word to signs or directions. In the modern world, this also extends to technology, so if you miss an email or get a garbled text message, blame Mercury!

Because it rules information, it also rules analysis and how we process that information (it’s no wonder that the two signs it rules, Gemini and Virgo, are two of the most analytical signs in the zodiac). Mercury is a deeply logical planet and is very influential when it comes to conversations that make us feel satisfied, confused, or anxious.

But the biggest reason you might be familiar with Mercury is thanks to when this planet infamously goes retrograde! Being ruled by Mercury, Geminis are especially susceptible to this cosmic stress. During Mercury retrograde periods, they may find themselves tongue-tied, off balance, or unable to express themselves.

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