Gemini Breakups

During… Gemini’s handle breakups the way they handle everything: with a long conversation. If your Gemini doesn’t want to break up, they’ll use their conversational skills to prove why you two should stay together. In fact, they can be so convincing that you might even start to doubt yourself. This can be an exhausting process—especially if the reason for the breakup doesn’t have a strong intellectual foundation.

After… Post breakup, a Gemini will tap back into that social side to ease the pain. Geminis hate being lonely, so there will be no hiding in bed for this sign. Immediately, they’ll hit the town and turn the charm up to 11.

Long term… In time, a Gemini will learn from their mistakes. They are one of the younger (earlier) signs in the zodiac, so while they can tend to impulsively dig in their heels, they are capable of and open to understanding what they did wrong.

Gemini’s breakup secret… Even though Geminis go through many failed relationships to find “the one,” they are a bit of a dreamy sign. Because of that, they may often think about their first true love.

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