Gemini Career Weaknesses

Immature: When taken too far, Gemini’s youthful insouciance can present as immature. Geminis can sometimes seem to be the Peter Pans of the zodiac, refusing to grow up.

Easily distracted: This is a sign that loves to take on tasks but can lack the follow through to get them done. Geminis can be like magpies, easily distracted by a newer, shinier assignment, conversation, or train of thought.

Impatient: You can count on this sharp sign to catch on quickly, but they can become frustrated and impatient if not everyone is on their level.

Gossip: Geminis love to spread information, and sometimes that passion gets in the way of their better judgement. If there is an office gossip where you work, chances are they’re a Gemini!

Indecisive: Geminis have the great ability to see multiple sides of an argument. While this can be a useful way of thinking in some contexts, it also makes it exceedingly difficult for a Gemini to make a decision.

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