Gemini Finance & Money

As with everything in their lives, Gemini’s relationship with money is defined by their dualistic nature. On one hand, they want to take risks and live life to the fullest. On the other hand, they recognize the importance of being frugal and saving for the long run. They are intelligent and savvy, so they know how to put together a budget and how to save. However, once that impulsive side comes out all bets are off. Last minute trips, nights out, and unexpected purchases can derail efforts to save. It’s just easier for Geminis to live in the moment and spend their money making that moment count!

This can create not only financial chaos, but personal distress if they beat themselves up for failing to stick to their budgets. This can be a major source of anxiety for a sign that’s already prone to nerves. However, if a Gemini can make these two sides work together, they have a good chance for moderation and financial success.

At the end of the day, Geminis generally have a functional relationship with money that keeps them living within their means, even when their savings takes a hit. They can be spendthrifts but Gemini’s charming personality and intelligence usually helps them find new opportunities.

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