Gemini Tarot Card

Gemini is associated with the Lovers, the sixth Tarot card in the Major Arcana. Depicted as two figures coming together (generally a man and a woman), the Lovers is simply a tarot card that revels in human connection. For that reason, it appears when we’re falling in love or creating new partnerships.

The first way one might associate Gemini with the Lovers is by bringing in Gemini’s symbol, the Twins. Both the Lovers and the Twins seek to find their “other half,” and thus, the Lovers card is suggestive of Gemini’s constant search for a partner.

However, this tarot card isn’t just symbolic of Gemini’s need for partnerships. It also speaks to Gemini’s more flakey or surface-level nature. (If you thought the Lovers card symbolized eternal love, think again!) Because of Gemini’s dire need to connect, they often stumble into partnerships that are more short-lived than others. So, when this card appears, it usually signifies a more flash-in-the-pan kind of connection—like a summer fling or a months-long business partnership.

Ultimately, this pair is about finding the positives in any partnership and having faith in its overall purpose—no matter how long it lasts.

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