Gemini Love Language

A Gemini’s communication style can be summed up by saying: “The more the better!” This sign is all about words of affirmation. From casual flirting to sarcastic jokes to serious in-depth conversations that last for hours, Geminis are all talk, all the time. If they can’t have both deep intellectual conversations and witty banter with you, chances are, they won’t see you as a serious relationship partner.

Thanks to Mercury, Gemini is all about transmitting information. However, this can become a problem in relationships as information for an air sign is more intellectual than emotional in nature. Talking to a Gemini can seem more like trivia and less like a vulnerable, intimate conversation about feelings.

That said, Geminis get incredibly frustrated when they can’t understand something, and will prefer to intellectualize and craft a narrative rather than sit with uncomfortable feelings. If you have an emotional issue, it will be hard for them to deal with your feelings.

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