How to Seduce a Gemini

Flirting, flirting, flirting! If you want to get a Gemini’s attention, engage them in a good conversation with some witty repartee (and maybe some well-placed sexual innuendo). Like fellow air sign Aquarius, seducing a Gemini starts with a mental connection first. They will always be turned on by someone who can hold a conversation and match them wit for wit.

Seduce a Gemini by appealing to them on their level and stoking their curiosity. Invite them to a fun cultural event like an improv show, literary reading, or a food festival. They’ll appreciate bold plans and their love interest stepping up to try to romance them. Just don’t get too attached to a plan—you’ll win a Gemini’s heart if you can go with the flow when they have a whim or spontaneous idea.

But most of all, be honest, open, and flexible. Geminis appreciate authenticity, and if you aren’t, their verbal skills will suss it out before long.

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