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You might not be famous yet or have any aspirations to be. Still, Leo, you can’t help feeling like you were put on this earth to do something special. And slowly, but surely, with the North Node in Taurus, this year brings you closer to your passion and purpose.

True, with Uranus also in Taurus, your destiny might follow an unpredictable path. These unexpected twists and turns aren’t just random—they’re the universe’s way of changing your life’s trajectory. The challenge is knowing when to surrender to change, and when to stand your ground. 

After all, Leo, your roots are deep and strong. It makes sense if you’d rather bloom where you’re planted than uproot yourself and start anew. Still, with the South Node in Scorpio, too much attachment to your roots could prevent you from fully spreading your wings. This year’s eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio (April 30, May 15, Oct. 25, and Nov. 8) give you permission to let go, and reinvent yourself from the inside out. 

Jupiter also bestows his blessing this year, as he splits his time between Pisces, your eighth house of transformation, and Aries, your ninth house of exploration. 

Jupiter in Pisces (Dec. 28, 2021 to May 10, 2022 and Oct. 27 to Dec. 20, 2022) makes three major aspects: a sextile with Uranus (Feb. 17) that brings unexpected career opportunities, a conjunction with Neptune (April 12) that inspires manifestation magic, and a sextile with Pluto (May 3) that assists you in transforming your habits and health.

Jupiter in Aries (May 10 though Oct. 27) boosts your self-confidence, encouraging you to break free and blaze new trails. As you broaden your horizons through study, travel, or spiritual explorations, you’ll open up a wider range of possibilities for your life. 

Once Mars moves into Gemini (Aug. 20, 2022 to March 25, 2023), you’ll have even more energy for exploration. Novelty, variety, and diversity will motivate you most, so put yourself out there as much as possible to connect with new interests, people, and groups. Be careful, though, Leo, not to scatter your energies. Focus on finding what really lights your fire.


Good relationships take work, Leo. But with Saturn in your opposite sign of Aquarius, it might require some extra effort to make them work this year. 

Whether you’re looking for love, or looking to take an existing relationship to the next level, Saturn puts your commitment to the test. Setbacks, obstacles, and challenges can crop up, making it harder to get new relationships off the ground. Or, it could take longer than expected for an established one to reach the next meaningful milestone. In the long run, though, this could be for the best. It gives you more time to make sure of what you want—and what you’re realistically ready for. 

To get off on the right romantic foot this year, communication will be key. Fortunately, Mercury in Aquarius (Jan. 1–25 and Feb. 14 to March 9) helps you and your love interest get things off your chests, without taking them too much to heart. True, you might discover that you have different visions for the relationship—which could make staying together unworkable. It’s better to know this early on, so you don’t spend all of 2022 trying to stick it out.

After all, Leo, you’ve got your own thing going on. And as much as you love basking in your lover’s attention, you love it even better when they have their own life, too. As Venus and Mars move through Aquarius together (March 5 to April 5), it can be very sexy to give each other space.

Still, with Jupiter in Pisces (Dec. 28, 2021 to May 10, 2022 and Oct. 27 to Dec. 20, 2022), the desire to merge with someone—spiritually and/or sexually—can be overwhelming at times. You might meet someone unexpectedly and feel an instant connection, as if you’d been lovers in a past life. Or, just when you thought that you and your partner couldn’t get any closer, you could suddenly be connecting on an even deeper level. Jupiter’s sextile with Uranus (Feb. 17), conjunction with Neptune (April 12), and sextile with Pluto (May 3) can bring sublime experiences in love that sweep you off your feet.

Just make sure you’re maintaining healthy and appropriate boundaries. After all, Leo, your pride runs just as deep as your passion.


Leo, it’s said that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. No matter how much you enjoy what you do, almost every job includes some boring busywork. With Venus retrograde in Capricorn at the start of 2022, the less desirable aspects of your work might be making it harder to remember why you first fell in love with it. 

Don’t stress this too much, though: Once Venus starts moving direct in Capricorn (Jan. 29 to March 5), you’ll either feel a renewed sense of job satisfaction, or have a better sense of what you really want in a workplace. As Venus, Mars, and Pluto join forces on March 3, you’ll be empowered to make whatever changes you desire.

Eventually, you might even pivot to a totally different profession. As Uranus works his way through your career house this year, conditions in your industry are constantly shifting. With the North Node of destiny also in Taurus, you could interpret this as a sign that it’s time to move on. 

Still, it’s okay to take your time. While the Taurus solar eclipse (April 30) could bring a major opportunity, it might feel like it’s too soon or too much of a break from your established brand. To fully embrace this new sense of purpose, you’ll have to let go of old ideas about what you “should” be doing and what you’re capable of achieving. A Taurus lunar eclipse (Nov. 8) assists you with this.

In the meantime, Leo, you can take advantage of Mercury’s extra time in Taurus (April 10–29 and May 22 to June 13) and Virgo (Aug. 3–25 and Sept. 23 to Oct. 10) to gather information, strategize your next steps, and figure out how to make the money work. Even if you’re content with where you are in your career, you can accomplish a lot during these two transits.

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