Leo Numerology

Leo is ruled by both five and one. Leo rules the fifth house and the number five gives Leo access to boundless energy that’s sometimes difficult to wrangle in and direct accordingly. Those ruled by five are also quite capable of bending and moving with the natural ebbs and flows of life—without it totally disrupting their sense of stability. Leo is no more at home than they are within their fantastic selves; wherever they are in the world, they are home.

Leo’s ruling element, the sun, makes this sign also associated with the number one. “One” types are the beginning of it all. They are the self-starters which is why so many Leos choose a profession where they call the shots. Leo likes to be in charge and that suits everyone very well as this number prefers the independent route. You’ll be hard pressed to find a Leo who will ask for help (especially with money), unless they’ve been pushed up against the wall.

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