Leo Body Parts

Leo rules the heart, back, spine, upper back, shoulders. Leo must learn to welcome and seek out joy, pleasure and soul purpose in their life or they likely will suffer from health issues especially related to the heart.

Generally, Leo is quite healthy and has a lot of stamina. They have great strength and are the “backbone” to any situation they face in their life.  Making sure they get their food choices under wraps and make exercise a priority, they will help them retain this through their entire life. Those who grow sedentary or who do not take care of themselves tend to have health issues later in life—heart disease, heart attacks, and spinal issues are all possible.

Leo thrives in optimism and when their hearts are broken it’s less a euphemism and more a literal truth. Heartbreak literally impacts Leo’s heart and weakens it. Those who suffer from childhood or young adult trauma have a very hard time healing and will often carry that trauma through the rest of their lives and relationships.

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