Leo Sex

Sex with a Leo, like most things, is an event. They expect magic in the bedroom and are unwilling to deal with a partner who is too shy or unyielding. This sign likes to stretch and contort their bodies into all kinds of shapes. You may come across, once every blue moon, the shy or introverted Leo—but then again, you might also fall upon a million dollars just lying around.

Leo likes to take charge and may be as aggressive in the sack as they can be in life.

They come after you a bit like you’re a piece of raw meat they can’t wait to devour. Like most of what Leo does, sex is a show. It’s a two-person (or maybe three-person) show that they’re the star of.

Obviously, they care about their own pleasure—but they really care about yours. Making sure you leave feeling satisfied, with a smile on your face, and one heck of a story to share, tops on their list.

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