How Will a Leo Dump You?

If they feel you’ve grown complacent, they will try to shake things up. The problem is that once Leo steps on that scale of indifference, their attraction for you drops steadily.

And while Leo can be fantastically, awe-inspiringly loyal, once they start growing tired of you, they see that loyalty as being entirely optional. And because, inevitably, it’s going to be your fault for not keeping up with their needs—and bam, Splitsville.

And then, they will breadcrumb you: sending you random texts just to make sure you don’t forget them, asking how you are because, naturally, they expect you to be broken up and beyond yourself over the breakup.

They’ll know that another chance is what you want and they’ll even feed your hope that this might be where things are leading. Eventually, this will all taper off and their messages will be fewer and farther between. Truth is: Once they have another, they’ll be gone again. It’s best to tell them thanks, but no thanks.

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