Leo Tarot Card

It’s no doubt why Strength—the eighth card of the Major Arcana—is associated with fierce, optimistic Leo. Even before you take into account the look of the tarot card (which often depicts a lion), you can relate Strength’s sense of confidence and ambition with this proud, fixed fire sign.

When you look at the card, traditionally Strength shows a woman dressed in a white robe—decorated with flowered garlands that wrap around her waist and head. The white robe symbolizes purity and the flowers represent femininity and creativity. She highlights Leo’s grace, artistry, and majesty. Above her, is an infinity symbol—representing Leo’s unlimited potential.

Leo is a fixed sign, which matches perfectly with Strength’s unyielding willpower. This tarot card shows the same determination as Leo with optimism just as high.

Ultimately, Strength aims to show us our personal power. Like Leo, a zodiac sign who thrives on the high value they place on themselves, Strength asks us to believe in ourselves—or simply, to show ourselves off to the world.

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