Leo Best Careers & Career Advice

Any career that allows Leo to take charge is a good bet since they’re notoriously rebellious and don’t take orders well.

Interior Designer: Leo interior designers are a dime a dozen in Hollywood and for good reason. They know how to put a space together and they go where the most money is.

Entertainer: This is a no brainer, really. Hello, all the Madonnas and J-Los of the world!┬áThe one caveat with this career path is that not everyone goes out to Hollywood and hits it big. That, and fame and what it brings, can become addicting. Since a Leo never knows when to stop, even when the public has lost interest, they’ll still try to reclaim what once was.

Fashion Designer: A fashion designer is the best of both of these worlds. What Leo would turn down getting to clothe the rich and famous whilst receiving awards and constant compliments for their creations?

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