Leo Psychic Traits

Leo tends to develop their psychic abilities through the heart and when they allow the heart to lead, they will often have a strong sense of what’s to come. As natural empaths, Leo can pick up on the emotions and feelings of people, spaces and situations without needing much at all to go on. This can prove super difficult for Leo as they will be prone to feeling many emotions without understanding where they are coming from. If they mistake them as their own, it can sometimes feel as though they’re going a little crazy but those who learn to work with these gifts will be able to separate what is theirs from what is someone else’s.

Additionally, Leos are gifted with their undeniable body intuition. Their gut can be their strongest intuitive instinct to follow when moving through this life. They take risks, but unlike Aries—who tends to leap without any thinking—Leo taps into their inner knowing and just “knows” by what their gut tells them just when it’s time to leap.

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