Leo Career Strengths

Completely Natural: Confident and able to keep a conversation with just about anyone, Leo is a natural in any setting you put them in. They can talk with the CEOs with as much ease as if they were talking to the janitors.

Funny: They can crack a joke that most people would get in trouble for. But when Leo says it, you’ll double over laughing.

Leader: Leo’s ability to walk into a room like they own the place also makes them a natural in owning their own business or taking internal management roles. Any interview or audition they may find themselves in, they’ll make a killing.

Successful: Leo needs to surround themselves with those who are rich, powerful, and have a major influence.

Popular: Regardless of their chosen career, Leo will be the center of attention and an instant hit at the office thanks to their warm and gregarious personality.

“The Best”: Because social status and glamour are so important to Leo, they will excel in any field that gives them access to the best of the best. Even if they’re simply a receptionist at one of the top companies in the metro area (and trust me, they’ve got designs on how to get their way to the top), they will be dressed to the nines and have the part down.

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