Leo Love Language

Let’s first talk about gift giving—because it’s up there as the most important.

Let’s hope your back accounts solid or that you really don’t give much mind to debt because if you expect any self-respecting Leo to go without gifts, you’re kidding yourself. Leo will require gifts of varying sizes. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if you put much thought into the gift, so long as it shows you were thinking of them while apart.

Words of affirmation are next and this one is sort of almost too obvious to state, considering Leo’s need to be adored. The easiest way to a Leo’s heart—in the bedroom or out of a fight—is to lay on the compliments thick. Leo will never turn down a chance to have their egos fluffed.

Next up is some quality time. Leo doesn’t like to share their lover—not with friends, co-workers, and not even with family. They will be at your side all day, every day, if they could.

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