Leo Finance & Money

Leo tends to handle money much like a toddler handles their toys. They look at it for a moment, maybe play with it for a second, and then toss it over to the side and are on to the next bright and shiny object that’s caught their attention. Sure, Leos can budget and plan like the rest of us, but it’s the money habits that sometimes get them into trouble.

That said, Leos love to spend money. They want the best of everything: the best clothes, food, restaurants, cars—you name it. When they haven’t the cash, they will gladly throw everything down on credit or charm anyone they can into an extension.

It’s a good thing that avoiding the poor house is a Leo specialty. While they may not have much of a savings account, they always seem to land on their feet (as any feline will). If they could avoid using credit to a fault and begin paying attention to what’s coming in and going out, they would easily be able to enjoy the luxury they can’t live without and have a little something set to the side for a rainy day.

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