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Gemini Horoscope Gemini Horoscope

As a mutable air sign, you’re driven by the need for information. You want the details, and you want to be on the cutting edge of all the latest technologies. Communicative Mercury, your home planet, has its normal three retrograde periods in 2020 (February, June, and October), all of them passing through emotional water signs. That means there will be closures, breakdowns, and misinformation to deal with as usual, but you’ll be better off dealing with mishaps using your intuition rather than your typical common-sense approach.

Logic is firmly intact in some areas of your life, however, as three outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) travel through practical Capricorn, which helps you set major goals, formulate plans, and be a more responsible person in general. These transits make you think about the long term and what you can do to prepare for a brighter future.

The sun spends time in your airy sign during your birthday month from late May to late June, encouraging you to communicate openly and often, revealing what’s on your mind and willing to freely engage in conversations with anyone and everyone.

Gemini technically rules the arms, shoulders, and nervous system, but perhaps your most important (and active) body part is your brain. Details are extremely important as the sun enters Virgo, the other sign Mercury rules, at the end of August, and health issues are always a key aspect of that transit. Stomach or intestinal issues might be highlighted now, and they shouldn’t be ignored. It doesn’t take long for something to reach critical status, so don’t disregard those early literal gut feelings that something might be wrong.

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